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What music streaming service is the most suitable to you?

Why online streaming?

The online music streaming subscription services are now more popular than ever before thanks to its huge catalog of music and the convenient payment systems. With these services, you don’t need to buy or download each song you want to hear. Instead of that, you can add millions of available songs to a personal online library or to playlists.

How to choose the best music streaming service for you?

You love listening to music and have no idea of what music streaming service is the most suitable for you? Spend some minutes answering the following questions and match your answers to the section on the strengths of each online music streaming service.

  • Would you rather just find playlists created by the service? 
  • Would you take the time to create playlists for different occasions — dancing, sing-along, quiet dinners or workouts?
  • Would you search for songs or artists you like and listen to a playlist that other users have created?
  • Would you like to find the songs you like and put them into a library to play again in the future?
  • Would you like to share your playlists and song discoveries and see your friends' top songs and playlists? 
  • Would you create a radio station with music from a variety of artists based on an artist or favorite song? Would you want to easily customize the station?
  • Or do you say, "Forget it, I don't have time and don't want to put together or search for playlists. Just give me some lists to pick from!", like genres of music, eras, moods?  
  • Do you want to be able to listen to music from your library on your computer along with the songs in the catalog? 
  • Do you like to read about music trends, listen to interviews with musicians and learn more about the music you choose?... 

Subscription fees

In general, the top music streaming services have the same subscription fees but the features may be different at each tier.

Apple Music

Individual: $9.99 / month

  • mix-and-match your songs with their songs in online or offline playlists
  • listen to specific artists
  • hand-built groupings of music from Apple's music editors
  • an available 24/7 radio station
  • iTunes Radio-like custom radio stations
  • a social media stream for musicians called Connect.

Family: $14.99 / month

  • no need to use the same Apple ID for each device
  • include all of the benefits from Apple Music

Student: $4.99 / month


Premium: $9.99 / month

  • Unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 35 millions songs.
  • Play music without an internet connection.
  • Travel abroad with your music.
  • Use Connect to play Spotify on your speaker, TV, and car.
  • No ad interruption.
  • There is a 30-day trial for Premium

Premium for Family: $14.99 / month

  • Include all of the benefits of Spotify
  • Get six separate Premium accounts with one discounted monthly subscription. 

Premium for students

  • Get 50% discount
  • Include all of the benefits of Spotify

Pandora One

$4.99/ month or 54.89/year

  • No ads
  • More skips
  • Fewer timeouts
  • Plus more!

Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify

Apple Music, which was launched on June 30, 2015, is somehow new to the game, but they’ve quikly made it to the top.  They are basically newer than Beats Music, which becomes outdated now.

Pandora is a free personalized internet radio. Simply enter a favorite artist, track, comedian or genre, and Pandora will create a personalized station that plays their music and more like it. Pandora is always free, with the option to pay for additional features (Pandora One).

Spotify, a popular European music streaming site, came to the U.S. in the summer of 2011. Spotify features a combination of a large library, friendly-user interface, wide support of devices and great features. Currently, over 30 million songs are accessible; you can create a free account to test the service. Best of all, you can now use your Spotify account on all your mobile devices.

Free Trials

Pandora Premium offers 60 days of free trial.

Spotify has 30 days of free trial.

Apple Music offers the most generous free trial at 3 months.

All of the above music streaming services have their different strengths and you can play music on demand with them. Take full advantage of free trial time and make up your mind if which one is the best for you.

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