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Spotify can make a playlist based on your DNA

Spotify has teamed up with AncestryDNA to offer Spotify users unique playlists based on their DNA.

Spotify can create music based on your DNA

Spotify will create selections of music based on your genetics and family tree as you input results from the AncestryDNA website. This feature allows users to explore the soundtrack of their heritage. However, users of Ancestry will need to sacrifice partial rights since the company uses the DNA and data.

In a statement to Futurism, Gina Spatafore, Ancestry spokesperson said: “Protecting our customers’ privacy is Ancestry’s highest priority." and "Spotify does not have access to DNA data of any Ancestry customers. Customers can manually input regions, into the playlist generator on Spotify and then a custom playlist is created with songs by artists from the various regions and across a wide variety of musical genres.”

Ancestry also added: “All information is manually input by customers and the experience is completely optional.”

While this is a chance to discover more about yourself and experience your culture, many users still wonder if they should trust a tech company like Spotify to recommend songs based on their’s genetic origins as this might be culturally ham-fisted.

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