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How to upgrade to Spotify Premium on app?

Spotify premium version without adverts was launched according to the wish of most of the users because no one wants to be interrupted by annoying ads when listening to music.

For many people Spotify is a solely mobile phenomenon, not everyone has access to a computer and it’s preferable for your music to actually be mobile. Unfortunately, Spotify has recently removed the function that allows users to upgrade to Spotify Premium directly from their mobile app.

Upgrade to Spotify Premium is not allowed on app.

This feature was taken away much to the annoyance of users.

Instead, if you want to upgrade to premium you will have to visit the actual Spotify website and punch in your card details on an old-fashioned keyboard, what strife.

Not allowing Spotify users to upgrade to premium directly from their mobile app was done for a good reason – and it is actually saving you money.

Spotify Premium costs you $9.99 per month (on their web) but if they were to allow users to upgrade to Spotify on the app, punch in their card details and away they go, it would mean the app store would take 30% of the payment.

You could save $3 per month thanks to that

Spotify then would have to transfer that cost on to their users as the payment was processed by the app store.

It does mean that if you were to have that wonderful option of upgrading to premium on the app then you would have to pay £12.99.

In any case, if you want to use the most outstanding features of Spotify, you will have to visit the Spotify premium webpage to upgrade.

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