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How to log into Spotify on web player?

You feel confused whenever logging into Spotify on the web player? You are seeking for the fastest way to access your Spotify account? The following instructions will be no doubt what you need.

How to log into Spotify on web player?

  1. Head to https://www.spotify.com/us/.

  2. Click on 'Spotify for free' (if you want to use the free version).

    How to log into Spotify on web player

  3. Select 'Login' to open the Spotify app web view.

    Spotify web player login

  4. Log in with Facebook

    If you used Facebook to create your Spotify account:

    Select 'Log in with Facebook'.

    Log into Spotify web player

    When prompted with 'Log in to Facebook', enter your Facebook email address and password, then select 'Log In'. You will then be redirected to Spotify.

    If you are already logged into your account, you will be automatically logged in after clicking 'Log In With Facebook'.

    Log in with your email address or username

    If you created your Spotify account using an email and password, and not Facebook credentials

    Simply enter your email address and password then click 'Log In'.

  5. Now, you can continue using your Spotify account.

    How to log into Spotify on web player?

Hope that the above tutorials can help and you can save much time.

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