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Apple Music vs Spotify 2018

Apple Music and Spotify are two of the biggest names in the streaming music industry. While Spotify had about 180 million monthly active users with 83 million paying subscribers as of July 2018, Apple Music also rapidly gained its popularity after its lunch with 50 million paying subscribers as of May 2018. Follow us below to see who is really the better music streaming service.

Apple Music vs Spotify 2018

Apple Music vs Spotify 2018

  1. Price and subscription fees

    Both services cost $10 per month. They both offer a family plan covering up to 6 people for a grand total of $15 per month. Apple also offers single users a $99 per year plan. This means that the monthly rate for this plan is $8.25 per month. Spotify has recently partnered with Hulu to offer a bundle that costs $12.99 per month. With Spotify and Hulu bundle, users can get Spotify Premium plus the entry-level Hulu package. However, this bundle isn't available for those who are using Spotify family plan. Both services cost around the same amount of money monthly.

    However, Spotify is the only one that offers a free and ad-supported tier. Apple Music only lets free users stream Beats1Radio.

  2. Streaming Quality

    While Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis format, Apple Music streams 256kbps AAC files. If you use Spotify on a mobile device, you can pick what bitrate to stream. The increment is up to 320kbps. Desktop playback is at 160kbps and 320kbps for premium users. On Spotify web player or via Chromecast, the increment is at 128kbps for free users and 256kbps for premium ones. So there's not much difference between Apple Music and Spotify streaming quality.

  3. Music library and discovery

    Apple's service touts about 40 million songs. It's superior to Spotify's 35 million. What makes Apple Music stands out is the integration of the iTunes library. If you turn on the iCloud Music Library within Apple Music, you can easily access and browse your library on all devices. All music you have will appear in your Apple Music library. You can access it via broad searches also.
    Spotify users can also play music from their device in the Spotify app. However, it only works for local files.

    Apple Music vs Spotify 2018

  4. User interface and navigation

    Both services have a clean look on mobile and are easy to browse or discover music, access playlists, and listen to internet radio. Both also let you look at lyrics on screen.

  5. Social features and sharing

    Both Apple Music and Spotify let users follow their favorite artists and keep up to date with their latest releases and posts. On Spotify, users can also follow their friends and see what song they are listening to. Apple Music offers the Connect function which brings artists and fans closer. Users can comment, like, or share any artist's messages and the artist can also respond back. These posts can also be shared on Twitter or Facebook.

  6. Apple Music vs Spotify - Which should you choose?

    Both services are amazing and worthy of your money. For the person who sticks to mostly Apple devices, Apple Music is a great choice. Spotify has greater cross-compatibility across different devices.

    Which service do you prefer? Let us know in the comment below!

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